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Visit these LINKS paid for by yours truly!

Nevada Speech and Debate: This is where I Nevada. I do Speech and Debate and Drama here. This is one of the coolest site in the world!!! Tell Dr. Nicewaner and Jared how much you like it!!!
Weekly World News...: The classic supermarket hype!! We must stop the killer asteroid and close the gates to hell!!
Really Really Cheap Free Stuff Homepage.: Sign yourself up for free junk here...tell the webmaster that Kevin sent you.
A countdown clock to destruction: This has a number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds left until the end of the world. Unfortunately, it's the site for a movie.
Erotica On-Line: For males with over-reactive hormones. Woo, Woo!!
Juice's Homepage: It has South Park Sounds and lots of neat things that mothers don't approve of!!
Uncreativeness at it's best!!: It's basically one of my friends' lame sites!!
The second part in my series!!: It's the second page...go there!!
A TABLOID!!!: Everyone loves juicy gossip......
Ebay: The place where you can buy or sell old stuff!
Dr. Ruth: If you're having problems in bed, she can help you.
National Narcolepsy Registry: Sign the Narcolepsy registry...only if you're narcoleptic!
The Tony Danza fan club!!!!!!: MY hero's page!! Created by me! Sign the guestbook and have me answer questions about Tony Danza!!
My Guestbook: Sign the guestbook of the Handsome goat!

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